Is Invoice Discounting a Loan?

“Is invoice discounting a loan?” No. That’s as simple as it goes. But then again, answering that question with a singular word and in two characters nonetheless would prove vague and lacking. People need an explanation. They want more insight into the topic to better understand it. That’s what we’re here for. So if invoice discounting isn’t a loan then… (more…)

5 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Spot Factoring

Misunderstanding, in most cases, is the root of all problems. Our lack of adequate understanding and comprehension about things can cause us to misuse or even brush away the potential of something that would have otherwise been great. Such is the case for spot factoring. Also known as selective or single invoice factoring, it falls under the category of receivables… (more…)

Things to Consider When Choosing an Export Finance Option

Exporting is a risk but it’s also an opportunity. This is why more and more business entities are venturing out into the international market. But because this move demands more time, more effort, more work and more resources, it’s pretty rational as to why more entities are also seeking export finance options. However we can all agree that even that… (more…)

Single Invoice Factoring, Liquidity and Funds

When liquidity isn’t exactly pristine and immediate funds are on a low, single invoice factoring serves as the first line of defense for many entrepreneurs and businesses. The financing method has long since allowed entities to derive quick cash without the burden of debts during pressing situations. Today, we’ll discuss more about what it is, what it does and how… (more…)

When Spot Factoring Companies Become a Good Idea

Spot factoring companies offer one of the two main types of receivables finance. They allow business entities to draw immediate funds from a specific invoice thereby hastening the collection and allowing for the receipt of cash even before actual maturity and payment collection transpires. We all know that money is the lifeblood of any organization and without it, operations cannot… (more…)

Effectively Managing Your Export Funding Resources

Export funding has paved the path for many businesses to venture into the world market but despite its effectivity and benefits, the end results still depend on how said businesses will make wise use of the resources acquired from it. After all, cash is a depleting resource and in order to make the most out of it one has to… (more…)

Situations that Call for Single Invoice Discounting

Money is the lifeblood by which businesses run. Sure there are other factors needed to put things into play, labor for instance, but we could all agree that finances play a pivotal role in setting any entrepreneurial endeavor. This is why owners have to be smart when it comes to choosing the financing options to be used for every situation.… (more…)

Export Finance and the Pursuit of International Growth

In its simplest sense, to export means to send goods for sale or exchange to other countries or territories. Businesses as a whole have continually strived for growth not only domestically but also internationally. It is also for the same reasons why methods like export finance have skyrocketed into popularity and efficacy for the past years. But what is it… (more…)

The Advantages of Using Spot Factoring Versus a Loan

Spot factoring refers to a type of receivables finance that allows business entities to choose and draw cash from a particular customer invoice by virtue of advancing its value in exchange for the right to collect against it. A loan on the other hand is an amount of money lent from an individual or a financing institution such as a… (more…)

Finding Your Export Overdraft Provider

One of the best weapons when it comes to international trade would have to be the export overdraft. This financing method has given aid to many startups, small to mediums scale enterprises, businesses in recovery and even established organizations in their pursuit of bringing their products to a bigger audience and trading overseas. Export overdraft has been celebrated for its… (more…)