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5 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Spot Factoring

Misunderstanding, in most cases, is the root of all problems. Our lack of adequate understanding and comprehension about things can cause us to misuse or even brush away the potential of something that would have otherwise been great. Such is the case for spot factoring. Also known as selective or single invoice factoring, it falls under the category of receivables… (more…)

The Biggest Misconceptions About Spot Factoring

Spot factoring is the method of deriving finance out of a particular customer invoice. It is achieved by selling the right to collect against it to a provider called the factor who in turn grants a monetary sum of its value, often ranging from eighty to ninety five percent with the remaining balance to be given upon full collection from… (more…)

The Different Uses and Purposes for Spot Factoring

Unlike the traditional type, spot factoring involves only the specifically chosen invoice. In this type of financing service, the company has the liberty to choose which and when the invoice will be subject to a factor. Furthermore, it can also be classified to be with recourse or non recourse. The former puts the risk of non-collection from customers to you… (more…)

Spot Factoring Companies: Guidelines, How To and Reminders

Under the umbrella of factoring is what we call single invoice or spot factoring. Instead of subjecting all of your receivables and their corresponding invoices to your chosen financing institution aka one of the spot factoring companies you have chosen, you only advance the value of one. In fact you even get to choose which and when you’d like to… (more…)