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Is Invoice Discounting a Loan?

“Is invoice discounting a loan?” No. That’s as simple as it goes. But then again, answering that question with a singular word and in two characters nonetheless would prove vague and lacking. People need an explanation. They want more insight into the topic to better understand it. That’s what we’re here for. So if invoice discounting isn’t a loan then… (more…)

Situations that Call for Single Invoice Discounting

Money is the lifeblood by which businesses run. Sure there are other factors needed to put things into play, labor for instance, but we could all agree that finances play a pivotal role in setting any entrepreneurial endeavor. This is why owners have to be smart when it comes to choosing the financing options to be used for every situation.… (more…)

The Advantages of Using Spot Factoring Versus a Loan

Spot factoring refers to a type of receivables finance that allows business entities to choose and draw cash from a particular customer invoice by virtue of advancing its value in exchange for the right to collect against it. A loan on the other hand is an amount of money lent from an individual or a financing institution such as a… (more…)

Other Funding Options When Your Application for a Commercial Business Loan Has Been Denied

Businesses will always need funds for their operations, projects and other ventures. We know that for sure. At the same time, we know for a fact that these funds are not always readily available. Sometimes they are locked up in customer invoices. Others are invested in stocks or in other corporate assets. And in certain cases, there is simply a… (more…)